About Us


Our Mission

We began serving the Bentonville community at our current location in January 2017. Since that time, our mission has been to create a safe and positive environment where children can learn and thrive. We do this by having a low staff to child ratio and an atmosphere where children feel supported and nurtured. We value each child and our approach is one that emphasizes kindness, respect, and team work. We aim to provide children with a variety of activities that encourage physical fitness, creative expression, and discovery.

Dr. Natalie Emmons

Program Director

Dr. Natalie Emmons is a developmental psychologist who has been working to understand how children think and learn for the past decade. She earned her B.A. in Psychology from the University of Arkansas in 2006 and PhD in Cognition & Culture from Queen’s University Belfast in 2012. She has professional experience working with children and families from diverse backgrounds in child care, educational, mental health, and research settings. Natalie has published several scientific research articles on topics related to cognitive development and early education. As Program Director, she is involved in all of our programs both in terms of planning and being available to talk to parents, children, and teachers during program hours. Natalie believes that our teachers are the heart of iNFiNiTi Child Care and invests in them through continued education, supervision, and training.