Parent Resources


Behavior Guidance Policy

At iNFiNiTi Child Care, we make it our mission to teach the whole child by embracing teachable moments, helping children to honor and regulate their feelings, and building trust so children are comfortable communicating their needs. Our multi-angle approach is aimed at encouraging healthy behaviors, positive relationships, and positive self-image. Through teaching these skills, it is our hope that children will grow up to be happy and healthy people who can better serve their community. 

iNFiNiTi Child Care uses the following methods of behavioral guidance…

· Behavior guidance shall be individualized and consistent for each child; it shall be appropriate for the child’s level of understanding and be directed toward teaching the child acceptable behavior and self-control. 

· Behavior guidance will be aimed at helping children identify and learn healthy and appropriate ways to think and behave. Children will be praised and encouraged when they make healthy decisions and behave respectfully toward others. Children will be redirected and coached when they make unhealthy decisions or behave disrespectfully toward others. 

· Children who do not respond to verbal redirection will be encouraged to take a short break from group activities to collect themselves and relax before rejoining the group. 

· Physical punishment or threats of such activities will not be administered to children. Parents are also asked to adhere to this policy while in or around the center premises. 

· Should there be a pattern suggesting that a child is struggling to behave and think in a healthy and positive way, a parent conference will be scheduled with the Director and/or Site Supervisor to determine the best course of action. 

What our Customers are Saying About Us

"My  daughter has attended CLUB for almost 2 years. They are accommodating and thoughtful with her, which is awesome to see. On their school days out or summer programs they make sure the kiddos are engaged, having  fun, and learning. They go on at least 4 field trips a week!!! You get what you pay for. This place is stellar."

"My child has attended other after school programs in the past and always  (literally every single day) would come home with complaints. That is not the case anymore. She loves Infiniti, is positive when I pick her up  and happier. The facility is nice, clean and fun. The staff is warm, engaging and professional. I am so pleased!"

"Phenomenal place! My daughter has been going for 2 years and they keep the kids active and make sure their Homework is done!  We wouldn't go back to a different program for anything."